Dr. Allen Carter, board certified clinical psychologist and professor at Morehouse College introduces to the public a series of television programs that raise the most basic question of life: “Who Am I?” This question of “Who Am I?” which is also the title of the program, asks what is the essence of God and man and if there is a relationship between the two.

Using his clinical training and experiences as a psychologist,  Carter invites the audience to examine their basic beliefs about themselves and God and determine if man can achieve a true relationship with God and thereby obtain real peace and happiness.

This program is relevant to all communities and grew out of  Carter’s recognition that religion has and continues to play a significant role in the African-American experience. Although religious institutions continue to contribute to the advancement of all people and especially African Americans, Carter’s primary premise is that the mind’s main function is to establish limitations and boundaries and all communities should examine the limitations that religions impose.

The format for the show is a classroom-like setting and encourages the studio and viewing audience to question their beliefs and thoughts in order to gain access to a different way of viewing themselves, life and God. Great emphasis is placed upon the interaction between Carter and the studio and viewing audience. Basic to his approach is that unexamined beliefs, feelings and thoughts create most of the conflict for individuals, communities and the world.  Carter invites the studio audience to ask questions ,and viewing audience to send in questions via his website, in response to issues arising out of the various topics presented on the show.

Carter is a graduate of Morehouse College and has taught in its psychology department for 27 years. He is also a practicing psychologist with over 30 years in private practice in Atlanta.

He received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Columbia University and was the first African American to be elected as president of the Georgia Psychology Association. He has also served as president of the Georgia Licensing Board for Psychologists and on several committees and boards for the American Psychological Association. He is also the author of the book “What Is This Thing Called I?” – a new theory about the structure and function of the mind and its apparent relationship to Spirit.

“Who Am I?” can be viewed online 24/7 at

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