Last Chance To See ‘Fool For Love’ Production

Director Kenny Leon of True Colors Theatre takes to the stage as Eddie in “Fool for Love,” an ironic play about a couple constantly at war.  His  estranged lover, May, is played by Jasmine Guy, who puts her acting skills to work.

Written by Sam Shepherd, the production features Eddie as a playful, gentle guy who totes a gun, enjoys rope-slinging and uses sordid language. He lassos May to a chair and points a shotgun barrel at her, only to say later that he was just joking.

The couple’s love-hate relationship is bruising and bullying, their obsession with each other a reflection of dysfunction that can occur between a man and woman.

Larry C. Larson, who plays the narrator,  sips on a bottle of Tequila, as do all the cast, and helps shed light on the couple’s identity.

Rounding off the four-member production is Enoch King, who plays May’s gentleman caller, Martin.  Eddie doesn’t lighten up on Martin, who appears to be shaken and quite disturbed by Eddie. If only he knew what he was walking into beforehand.

The set (designed by Kat Conley) is a seedy hotel room, which holds you in suspense until the end as to what is happening outside the hotel walls.

It seems what is happening outside this flimsy hotel is just as important as what is happening within.

The production, directed by Todd Kreidker, runs through Saturday, June 11, at the Atlanta downtown Balzer Theatre at  Herren — and it is worth seeing.   Only you be the judge of how dramatic it is to bring these two charismatic celebrities together.

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