Online Quiz Helps Students And Parents Assume Responsibility For Academic Success

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Millions of students all over the United States are preparing for the end of another school year, but many of them won’t have a clue about how their behaviors and habits are furthering (or hindering) their chances at success.

The W.E.B. Du Bois Society is an Atlanta-based nonprofit organization that promotes student motivation and engagement as the key contributor to academic success.  The organization, founded in 2004, recently launched a research-based online assessment designed to equip students and their parents with the insight they need to improve academic outcomes.

The Academic Ambition Profile helps students assess their level of engagement in learning and motivation to work hard and succeed in school, and provide practical recommendations for increasing their academic ambition.  The online assessment asks students questions about their attitudes about school, study habits, preparation for class and engagement in extracurricular activities. The Academic Inspiration Profile helps parents assess how their attitudes, habits and home environment contribute to (or hinder) their child’s academic success.

“In conversations about education, too many are overlooking one very important fact: that many students don’t excel in school simply because they aren’t engaged and motivated to learn and achieve.  We want students and parents to focus on these key ingredients of academic success,” says Etienne R. LeGrand, president and co-founder, W.E.B. Du Bois Society. “With information and insight come empowerment, and we hope this online assessment will empower more students and parents with the insights and tactical recommendations they need to improve their academic outcomes, despite their school, family circumstances.”

The assessments were developed with the assistance of former Emory University researcher and current research consultant Kelly Hill and were based on a comprehensive academic literature review and audit of prior research.  The assessments were also informed by research on the role of various parenting styles on student academic outcomes.

To learn more about the Academic Ambition and Academic Inspiration online assessments, or to take the quiz yourself, visit

The W.E.B. Du Bois Society’s programs address cultural attitudes, behaviors and influences that affect (positively or negatively) academic ambition among African-American youth.

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