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    ‘Treme’ Star Sues Macy’s, NYPD For Racial Profiling

    Rob Brown, 29, a Brooklyn-based actor who starred in Finding Forrester with Sean Connery and in HBO’s Treme, says he was handcuffed in Macy’s Herald Square for shopping while Black and has filed a lawsuit against the department store and the NYPD, reports the New York Post. …


    NYPD Plants Cash In Parks, Subways To Catch ‘Lucky Criminals’

    (AP) — Sometimes the bait is a small amount of cash in a stray wallet. Or a credit card. Even a pack of cigarettes can do the trick. Police in New York City leave the items unattended — on subway platforms, on park benches, in cars — and wait to see if someone grabs them. The New York Police Department says the practice has been a valuable …