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    New Video Footage Raises More Questions For Kendrick Johnson Case

    The family of Kendrick Johnson has demanded answers for the mysterious death of the Georgia teen whose body was discovered in a rolled-up gym mat at his school in January. Johnson’s family insists that the boy was murdered. With new videotape footage from a surveillance camera made available to the family, even more questions have been raised as a …


    Benjamin Crump on Kendrick Johnson Case: ‘Real-Life Murder Mystery’

    On the inaugural episode of “NewsOne Now” with Roland Martin, it was clear that the death of young teen Kendrick Johnson strongly resonated with listeners. Attorney Benjamin Crump, a civil rights advocate known for his representing Trayvon Martin‘s family, joined the show to discuss the tragedy. As reported, Johnson’s body was found in an up …


    Photos of Valdosta Teen in Gym Mat Death Released

    Additional photos in the Kendrick Johnson case were recently made public by CNN. After Johnson’s body was found in the upright, rolled up wrestling mat at Valdosta High School in January, state medical examiners ruled his death accidental. Jo …