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    The future of art museums, a satiric twist, a carillon tour

    Page 1 of 2 Innovative collaboration: Today’s emerging talents in architecture are redefining the profession with global practices that are digitally literate and operate at multiple scales of design. This liberation of scale has allowed architects to look at issues from interiors to urban planning in new and innovative ways….

    Recovery? Not for the common people

    Without vision, the Bible teaches, the people perish. And in Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Newark and cities across the country, the people are perishing. Each week in Chicago, we witness more pain. Teachers are laid off and schools are closed. Transit workers are terminated and bus service is cut. Families lose their homes, and…

    How Changes To Michigan Tax Law Might Affect You

    Tax season is here, and if you’re filing in Michigan, chances are you’re pocketbook is sure to feel the effects of recent legislative changes. This year, Michiganders are paying more and getting less. Residents are seeing much lower returns than what they have in recent years. One of the biggest changes to the state’s tax laws…