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    Close Your Mouth: Yes, She’s 65 & Pregnant With Quadruplets!

    *You think maybe there’s something in the water? What else could explain a 65-year-old woman living in Berlin – who already has 13 children, mind you – being pregnant with quadruplets? This is what is being reported by the German media. But as it turns out, it not the water.  School teacher Annegret Raunigk has actually […]

    Drake Now A Search Engine! ‘Let Me Drake that for You’

    *Drake has his own search engine, “Let Me Drake That For You,” which looks very similar to Google, but is strictly related to the rapper. Anything an Internet user searches relates back to Drake.  If a user searches “apples,” all the results will be about Drake’s connection or history with apples, according to Sister 2 […]

    Gospel Fam Joins Effort to Raise $1M for Domestic Violence Shelter by Mother’s Day (Watch)

    *The Good Shepherd Shelter for Battered Women with Children is using gospel music to help reach its goal of raising $1 million by Mother’s Day. The Los Angeles-based organization has linked arms with family gospel group “Martin’s Favor,” fellow Angelenos who have contributed their song “Help Your Children” to the cause. Each download through May 10 (Mother’s Day), at […]

    Is Nick Gordon Hanging Tough in Rehab?

    *No matter what those of us in the public may think, we must hold our verdicts until the truth has been told.  And so it is with Nick Gordon, one good thing is that this young man is in rehab, and seemingly holding tough, with no relapses. “He is putting his life back together after checking […]