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    Hey Sisters, good Black men want you, but do you really want them?

    *Johnathan Farley, Ph. D, a math professor and graduate of Harvard and Oxford University, says that in recent years we have seen the rise of the allure of “thug culture.” In an article in Essence, titled “Players and Professors: A Nice Guy Steps Up,” he explained why even educated, professional Black women prefer to date […]

    NC news anchor advises Black intern to straighten her hair

    *The natural hair movement is in full effect throughout the country. Women of color are beginning to embrace their God-given roots (literally), and turning away from chemicals and other hair-straightening products. However, for some women, “natural hair” is perceived as a potential source of criticism in the workplace, making it a difficult decision to embrace. […]

    How you put your bra on reveals your personality

    *Ladies, today’s question is: how’d you put your bra on this morning? No, this isn’t a lesson at the Bill Cosby Acting & Modeling School. According to a recent article in Redbook, the method in which you put on your bra this morning reveals a lot about your personality. I don’t remember how my ex-wife […]