Roz Edward, National Content Director

    Roz Edward, National Content Director
    Rosland "Roz" Edward joined the Real Times Team in January of 2013. As RTM's Director of National Content, she is primarily responsible for enhancing digital content across all RTM properties and implementing the company's "Web First" strategy. Ms. Edward's charge is to develop and promot the company's online presence at all of its digital dailies around the country. Prior to joining RTM, Ms. Edward spent six years with in Atlanta where she was responsible for online content and print production for Rolling Out's 19 markets. Roz began her career at the Detroit Free Press and later worked at The Atlanta Voice newspaper where she was fortunate enough to work under the tutelage of the legendary publisher, J. Lowell Ware and renowned writer Harvey Gates. She credits Ware with impressing upon her one simple principle... that her "job was everything from the front door to the back." While at The Atlanta Voice she wrote feature articles, sold advertising, worked on the presses and distributed papers. After returning to Detroit, Ms. Edward worked for 10 years at the City of Detroit Housing Commission where she served in the capacity of Public Relations Director at the time of her departure. She is the mother of one daughter, also Roz, who is currently a senior at Benedict College in Columbia, South Carolina. Ms. Edward brings to Real Times Media a wealth of journalism experience and more importantly a solid background in producing digital content. She works to ensure that RTM and all of its web properties are producing great content utilizing Search Engine Optimization techniques. Ms. Edward is committed to the Real Times Media mission and its vision of "revolutionizing" the Black Press.

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