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Man Googles miscarriages before beating and stomping pregnant girlfriend
A deranged reprobate named Torey Branch was irate that his girlfriend, Mia Jones, was pregnant and refused to agree to an abortion. Subsequently, he is…
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Feds bust 46 Georgia corrections officers in drug trafficking probe
The U.S. Department of Justice executed arrests of 46 current and former Georgia corrections officers on Thursday in a statewide drug trafficking operation in prisons…
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John Lewis called ‘sellout’ and ‘Uncle Tom’ for endorsing Clinton over Bernie Sanders (video)
WASHINGTON — Venerated Congressman John Lewis is taking some incoming fire after he publicly announced his endorsement of Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination for…
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Metro Atlanta black family terrorized by racist graffiti after dog was poisoned
CARROLL COUNTY, Ga. —A metro Atlanta husband and wife told reporters they woke up to find racist graffiti all over their home, vehicle and mailbox,…


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Alvarez Still Has An Edge
Alvarez Still Has An Edge   If the election for Cook County States Attorney was held today who would you vote for? According to the…
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Chicago Transit Upgrade Gets $156M in New Federal Funds
                       Chicago Transit Upgrade Gets $156M                    …


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Hawks’ Jeff Teague selling Buckhead condo for $2.1 million
ATLANTA — As the rumblings about a possible trade grow louder regarding the Atlanta Hawks’ star guard Jeff Teague, he has proactively listed his posh…
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Memes that SUPPORT Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers
It is open season on Carolina Panthers star quarterback Cam Newton. The current NFL MVP is taking the vast majority of the blame for the…
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Black officer compares Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance to the KKK
There are irrational calls to boycott Beyonce’s music, decrying the singer’s Super Bowl performance which challenged the number of black men and women who have…
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#NYFWNoir: If Streetwear Is Really Fashion, Why Is It Left Out Of NYFW?
Dave Odum and Jean-Claude Francois of Francois Duperval don't need you to put any fancy titles on their clothing line.
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Beauty Of The Week: Alice Mareus – The Modern Day Modest Fashionista
Alice struggled with not feeling she was good enough, but by pursuing her passions she has developed a platform for women to enjoy fashion and faith.
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Meryl Streep Faces Criticism For “We’re All Africans” Comment At Berlin Film Festival
Streep was asked by an Egyptian reporter at a press conference whether the jury would be able to relate to or process films from the Middle East and Africa. Streep honestly admitted she didn't know much about policies in either region, but said we're all humans - and specifically - we're all from Africa.
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A letter to the Bernie Sanders campaign
(NNPA)—To the Campaign: I am writing as a concerned Sanders supporter. I am thrilled that the campaign has caught on as it has. Senator Sanders…
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Protesters plan to #BoycottBeyonce over Super Bowl performance
The backlash against Beyoncé‘s new single “Formation” has hit a new high as critics plan to take their distaste for the Black pride track to the…


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Jagged Edge’s Kyle Norman’s wife cut off from family for taking back abusive husband
Former Jagged Edge singer Kyle Norman and his wife Marrika appeared on the Steve Harvey Show to discuss the violent episode where he violently beat…
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COMMENTARY: Why ESPN’s Jemele Hill got pummeled after Michigan State’s loss to Alabama
For many years, this writer and the rest of Buckeye Nation could only sit and stew in silence whenever the likes of ESPN’s Mark May…


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For Christian Girls Who Lost Their Virginity And Feel No Guilt
I am a Christian woman standing on my digital pulpit to declare, I am not a virgin. And I totally don’t feel bad about it. I am over the patriarchial rhetoric that preaches a woman’s sexual expression and her spritual connection to God can not coexist in the same body peacefully. Generations of guilt inducing […]
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Are Threesomes Double The Fun Or Double The Trouble?
Prepare for what you truly sign up for when you suggest or decide to be party to a threesome.


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Christians sound off on premarital sex
Due to societal changes, casual sex has become a norm. Sexual images are seen on social media, portrayed on television and in music. From a…
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Bishop Comes Out As Gay
Bishop Kevin Kanouse, head of the Northern Texas-Northern Louisiana area of the Evangelical Lutheran Church America released a letter to church leaders explaining his announcement. The…


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Eugenia Orr: A Calmer Side of Management At WVON
In life, we often start out in one career lane and in some cases switch over to several areas, eventually landing in a profession that…
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White Privilege: An American Reality
“Why has government been instituted at all? Because the passions of man; will not conform to the dictates of reason and justice without constraint.” Alexander…
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Funeral Services for Chicago Legendary Blues Singer Otis Clay Announced
The following information is funeral services for legendary Soul & Blues singer, Otis Clay who died from massive heart attack this past Friday at 73.…


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My Black History: Keeping it real in school and life
In the spring of 1968, while growing up in Indianapolis, my mother scooped up me and my three younger siblings and told us that she…


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Planned Parenthood preys on Blacks to ‘control population’
The Washington Post fact checks the GOP presidential candidate's claim about Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood's founder.
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Min. Paul Scott/Straight Outta Con Man: Exposin’ the truth about NWA
“Fool me one time shame on you/Fool me twice can’t put the blame on you”  (No Role Modelz)  – J Cole I’d be lying to…







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Rick Ross celebrates 40th birthday at Atlanta mansion with Joseline, Ludacris, Monica, others
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‘Stevie J and Joseline Go to Hollywood’ red carpet premiere in Atlanta
Best of Trumpet Awards 2016 red carpet in Atlanta
Rick Ross’ ex-fiancée Lira Galore strips down for Popular Demand