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    College Football Hall of Fame includes high-tech gadgets, HBCU Wing to Honor Greats
    ATLANTA — Stepping inside of the College Football Hall of Fame downtown is both exciting and cause circuit overload. It’s like stepping onto the set…
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    Ferguson Cop Who Pushes Don Lemon Suspended For Racist Video Rant
    A police officer in Ferguson who was captured on video pushing CNN’s Don Lemon, a black television host, during live coverage of protests this week…
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    Ferguson Grand Jury is Almost All White
    Despite blacks boasting the majority population in Ferguson, Mo., the grand jury convened to decide whether to charge officer Darren Wilson in unarmed black teen…
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    Huey P. Newton Gun Club Lead Rallies With Rifles in Dallas;
    Only so many unarmed black men can be shot down by police across the country before the spirit of the original Black Panthers would arise. Two…


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    “Hello: My Name Is Beautiful” Book Signing
    August means back-to-school time but many aren’t looking forward to going back. Middle school and high school can be tough times for tweens and teens…
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    Family Dollar Rejects Dollar General Offer
    Family Dollar has rejected a takeover bid from dollar-store competitor Dollar General, saying it would be too hard for the deal to pass antitrust regulators.…


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    Fans Start Petition to Make Floyd Mayweather Read: Want Champ to See ‘Reading Rainbow’
    The abject humiliation of boxing champ Floyd Mayweather over his poor reading skills continue unabated. Hilariously, fans started a petition on to actually force…
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    NCAA’s strongest argument might be cap limit
      INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The NCAA’s best argument against the Ed O’Bannon ruling may be the financial limits imposed by U.S. District Judge Claudia Wilken…


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    ‘Scandal’ Star Joe Morton Set for Netflix Comedy ‘Grace And Frankie’
    Joe Morton, who just won an Emmy for his guest role in “Scandal,” has joined the upcoming Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin Netflix comedy “Grace…
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    Gorgeous Women Who Broke Men’s Hearts by Coming Out Gay
    Admit it. When you feasted on the brunette bombshell in the Fast and Furious series, you just knew that Michelle Rodriguez was the one for…


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    Ryan says He’d Love to See Romney Run Again
    CHICAGO (AP) – Congressman Paul Ryan is weighing a presidential bid but says he would love to see Mitt Romney run again. The former Massachusetts…
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    US diplomats barred from ice bucket challenge
    WASHINGTON (AP) — The charity stunt has lured athletes, celebrities, politicians and rock stars and gone viral on the Internet, but don’t look for U.S.…


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    ‘LAHHATL’s’ Mimi Faust Finally Tells Truth About Sex Tape
    When Mimi Faust’s and Nikko’s sex tape exploded on the scene last year, fans of the show quickly looked askance at Faust because her claims that the…
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    Momma Dee Says Lil Scrappy Still Sexing Erica Dixon Behind Bambi’s Back
    The two warring factions on either side of Lil Scrappy, Momma Dee and Scrappy’s ex-boo thang Erica Dixon, seem inclined to go at each other’s…


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    Fashion Watch on when the invitation says black tie
    The invite says “black tie” what do you do? Most would assume that you pull out the tuxedo and a formal dress. According to the…
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    10 States Where It’s Easiest to Catch STDs
    Despite a plethora of public service announcements admonishing the populace to practice safe sex, the rate of sexually transmitted diseases continues on an uninterrupted upward…


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    What Choices Will You Make For A Better Tomorrow?
    Dear God: Thank you for the family you chose for me, the situations, circumstances and events you have ordained for my life. No matter what…
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    A Prayer For Desperate Souls
    Desperation is an emotion that can drive people to suicide. This summer we saw suicides rise. It is holiday time when people feel the lowest.…


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    T.I., Other Celebrities Blasts Blacks over Protesting in Ferguson
    Rappers T.I. and Nelly and other celebrities believe the black community “pulled the trigger” (pun intended) too soon on the protests and demonstrations over the…


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    Gospel Gala Turns ‘Gangsta’ [VIDEO]
    By now you have heard whispers about the craziness  that transpired this past weekend at Atlanta Gospel Fest. Our buddy at Joy 105 really digged…
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    HOT TOPIC: Should ‘Gay Christians’ Work In Children’s Ministry?
    There is a hot topic bubbling in the Christian community this morning. A recent incident in Lubbock, Texas is rekindling the debate over whether or not…
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    Watch! LisaRaye Shares Actual Baptism From A Few Nights Ago!
    LisaRaye is making real change in her life. She was baptized at her home the other night. She posted the  following words: LisaRaye has a…


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    Should Black Americans be Liberals?
    Should Black Americans be Liberals? The concept is one of the many deceptions that have been perpetuated against blacks and other minority groups for some…
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    The Courts Can Outlaw Racist Policies, But They Can’t Eliminate Racism [OPINION]
    Sixty years after the Brown v. Board of Education decision, education inequalities still exist. What did we really achieve through integration and how do we…