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7 Powerful Bible Quotes About Refugees And Immigration
Immigration is not a new topic. In the bible it was discussed all the time.  It starts with Abraham, who left his homeland,.  The story…
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Jailed NFL’s Rae Carruth tried to murder his unborn son; he is now 16
As depraved murderer and reprobate Rae Carruth, a former NFL star, continues to languish away in prison, as he should, the son he tried to murder before…
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4 Reasons You Should Read ‘The Christmas Dance’ This Holiday Season
In the rush to do everything we often lose sight of the true beauty of the season. The new book  ‘The Christmas Dance, Celebrate God’s…
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Median wealth for black women is just $5
We are already cognizant of the fact that women women bring home less money for the same work as their male counterparts. But for African…


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Rep. Brenda Lawrence introduces Promote Startups Act
Rep. Brenda Lawrence (MI-14) on recently  introduced H.R. 4068, The Promote Startups Act of 2015, which would permanently increase the limitations on deductions for startup…
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Shinola introduces Muhammad Ali Center limited edition watch
  Shinola has partnered with the Muhammad Ali Center to create the latest installment in the Great Americans Series, a collection of limited edition watches…


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How 50 Cent got Derek Jeter sued for millions of dollars
It appears that New York Yankees’ legendary shortstop Derek Jeter’s reputation has been sullied by rap impresario 50 Cent. Jeter is reportedly so offended that 50…
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Funniest Ronda Rousey memes after getting knocked out cold by Holly Holm
Arrogant and narcissistic and a shameless opportunist, MMA fighter Ronda Rousey got her comeuppance when she was knocked out cold — as in put to…
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NEWS ROUNDUP: Almost Half Of Americans Believe Racism Is A Big Issue, White Student Union At NYU May Be Fake…AND MORE
According to a new poll by CNN and the Kaiser Family Foundation, 49 percent of Americans believe that racism is a “big problem.”
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Memphis Man Nearly Left Paralyzed After E-Cigarette Blows Up In His Face
A college student almost died last week when his e-cigarette blew up in his face, leaving him with severe burns and a broken neck.
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Man Attacked At Donald Trump Rally Speaks Out, Compares Presidential Hopeful To Hitler
Activist Mercutio Southall Jr., the man who was kicked and beaten by Donald Trump supporters at a rally in Alabama, is sharing his side of the story with Think Progress.
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Family Of Ahmed Mohamed Demands $15 Million From Texas Officials After Clock Arrest
After Ahmed Mohamed's homemade digital clock was mistaken for a bomb by authorities, his family is seeking $15 million.
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Georgia leaders react to Paris terrorist attacks
The cataclysmic terrorist attacks and subsequent mass bloodletting in the French capital city of Paris brought unilateral and categorical condemnation in the harshest terms from…
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Woman Silently Protests At Donald Trump Rally By Reading Book On Racism
Johari Osayi Idusuyi says she didn't plan to protest the event, but once she realized Trump wasn't advocating for minorities, she turned to her book.


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Georgia Police Explain Why They Ignored 911 Call About White Baby With Black Family
Georgia officers did not answer a 911 call regarding a White infant spotted with a Black family after finding it "racially insensitive."
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‘RHOA’s’ Kenya Moore’s boyfriend Eugene Casciaro has criminal history
“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore can’t seem to get her love life together. Either they are fake or they are criminals. Case in…


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Kentucky Judge Who Condemned All-White Juries Blasted For Social Media Posts
A Kentucky judge, who rose to national prominence for dismissing all-white jury panels, is under fire again. This time over social media posts against prosecutors as tensions rise in his "racially charged legal battle."
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Chicago Cop Charged With First-Degree Murder In Death Of Laquan McDonald
Police officer Jason Van Dyke, who is White, was charged with first-degree murder Tuesday morning and "will be the first on-duty Chicago police officer to be charged with that crime," the report says.


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Christians sound off on premarital sex
Due to societal changes, casual sex has become a norm. Sexual images are seen on social media, portrayed on television and in music. From a…
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Bishop Comes Out As Gay
Bishop Kevin Kanouse, head of the Northern Texas-Northern Louisiana area of the Evangelical Lutheran Church America released a letter to church leaders explaining his announcement. The…


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Susan G. Komen: Breast Cancer Awareness for African American Women
The breast cancer rate in the African American community was at 62 percent higher in Chicago’s low income neighborhoods versus more affluent areas of the…
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Ten years after Katrina: Soledad O’Brien recounts devastation in New Orleans
Renowned journalist Soledad O’Brien joined Roland Martin Monday on NewsOne Now to discuss the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and what has changed since the…
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Becoming Belafonte: Author details rise of Civil Rights icon
Author Judith E. Smith talks with NewsOne Now guest host Mo Ivory about her new book, Becoming Belafonte: Black Artist, Public Radical. Smith explained she…


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My Black History: Keeping it real in school and life
In the spring of 1968, while growing up in Indianapolis, my mother scooped up me and my three younger siblings and told us that she…


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Planned Parenthood preys on Blacks to ‘control population’
The Washington Post fact checks the GOP presidential candidate's claim about Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood's founder.
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Min. Paul Scott/Straight Outta Con Man: Exposin’ the truth about NWA
“Fool me one time shame on you/Fool me twice can’t put the blame on you”  (No Role Modelz)  – J Cole I’d be lying to…







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The Wiz Live ATL Takeover feat. Quad Webb-Lunceford, Dr. Heavenly Kimes, Shamea Morton, LaTavia Roberson, Gocha Hawkins
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Beyoncé has more photos Halloween photos
Ludacris, Phaedra Parks, Ryan Cameron at ‘Peanuts’ movie screening
Usher, Monica, Grant Hill, Kelly Price spotted at Hillary Clinton rally at Clark Atlanta U.