Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh says no one would call him gay if he was a thug

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    boshMiami Heat center claims that people would not question his sexuality if he was more a gutter hood rat than a clean cut b-baller that he is now.

    “That’s the venom. For a while, they were questioning my sexuality. They still do. They were questioning my sexuality, questioning my game. And I’m like, ‘Why are they all messing with me?’ I didn’t do anything to anybody. I didn’t do nothing. I just came here to play basketball. And they’re like, ‘Oh, he’s not a real superstar.’ I never cared about being a superstar.”

    Bosh says people wouldn’t question his sexuality if he acting like a macho thug:

    “What am I supposed to do? You want me to have cornrows and tats on my neck and just punch somebody in the face when they score on me? It’s crazy. It’s impossible. I can’t do that and play. That’s never been who I am.”

    What do you think about how Bosh has chosen to defend himself against charges of homosexuality?

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