Words From My Heart … My Mother’s Way

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    My mother’s way is to save the day

    with her giving heart on display

    trying to please everyone that comes her way

    giving all that she has/ hoping they’ll stay

    doing everything she can/ because she thinks they’re her friends

    not being very clear/ of her intentions

    she doesn’t understand/ when you give this way

    there’s nothing to gain/ but heartache and pain

    she doesn’t mean any harm/ it’s really a hidden charm

    what she’s really trying to do/ is provide happiness for you

    She expresses this way/ to abandon her thoughts of yesterday

    growing up in a home/ from down around the way

    her family made it through/ without that much

    during those days/ times were rough

    She has plenty of memories of her and her mother

    in a house with eleven siblings/ working very hard together

    she was very close to her mom/ being the oldest daughter

    helping to watch over/ her younger sisters and brothers

    Her mother was a soldier/ running their household

    adding wood to a fire/ on nights that were cold

    keeping them warm/ during a storm

    putting food on the table/ when she was able

    doing everything she could possibly do

    she even made their clothes and shoes

    My mother’s way is to save the day/ for everyone else but herself

    her needs and wants are tucked away/ nice and neat up on a shelf

    she’s learned this way honestly/ from her mom/ Elizabeth Lee

    I’m not placing blame/ looking for pity or shame

    but there is one thing I will claim

    my mothers been loving me/ since the day I came

    doing everything she could possibly do

    from keeping me warm/ to buying me shoes

    I wake up thinking of ways to retaliate

    because I truly appreciate/ the love she generate

    I’ve learned a thing or two in my life

    particularly what’s wrong and what’s right

    I’m truly blessed to have her for my mother

    I can’t imagine having another

    I honor and love her/ the way she deserves

    especially/ since she’s still here on this earth

    It makes me proud to say/ I love her the unconditional way

    giving her all she’s earned/ without wanting anything in return

    Thank You Mother for loving me your way

    It made me who I am today


    Nina Wilson



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