GOD COMPLEX: Oddisee Breaks Down “Yeezus Was A Mortal Man” [VIDEO]

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    What takes more courage, to call yourself a God or challenge the man who makes that claim? Rapper and producer Oddisee has spent over a decade bending words and audiences to his will as both a solo artist and as part of larger collectives like DMV based trio, Diamond District. The native of D.C. has been shifting silt in hip-hop’s underground with rock steady releases like “Mental Liberation,” “Odd Seasons” and “People Hear What They See.” His latest offering is a double disc of instrumentals and full songs called “The Beauty In All/ The Tangible dream.” The lyricalal half holds the track, “Yeezus Was A Mortal Man,” which takes all rappers–not just North West’s daddy–to task for their declarations of immortality.

    Been in this game for years, it made me intelligent

    Stupid n*ggas fade into irrelevance

    I’m permanently settled in like melanin, Adamantium Skeletons

    The sickness is immune to modern medicine

    Fighting ancient evils on the steeples and pulpits

    Now a days we call it beefing, drama, and bullsh*t

    Most of these n*ggas half man but they full b*tch

    Wolves in the full moon only useful for smelling scents…”

    But was he really launching a spear at The God King? Watch our next episode of “Rhyme And Reason” to find out what he meant.


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