The 16 Type Of People We Hate On Social Media

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    Social Media has given people a platform to over express and over expose themselves in the most annoying ways possible. Between Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Vine, there is an abundance of over sharers who think way too highly of themselves and subject their followers to the most unnecessary and most obnoxious posts. Like the girl who gushes over her new engagement or the guy or gal who posts pics of themselves in their underclothes with the caption “Check out my new headphones.”

    We’ve all been subjected to it and think about pulling out our hair when it happens. We must admit, even though we mostly hate these personalities on social media, we love poking fun at them.

    Check out our reactions to these 16 social media behaviors:

    The People Who Post Pictures Of Their Kids Like We Care

    wendy wiliams

    Ever wake up in the morning and log into you Facebook and see a big picture of little Johnny eating a messy bowl of green goo with a gushy caption that makes you want to throw up? It never ceases to amazes us how much certain parents think we want to know their child’s every move. If we wanted kids…we would have em’!

    The People Who Post Half Naked Pics For Likes

    punch gif

    Dear women who post pics in their bras and men who snap obnoxious selfies with their pecs and abs, we do not want to see them. You look THIRSTY! Get em’ a Sprite.

    The People Who Always Post Inspirational Quotes


    We get it, you’re smart (so you think you are) and want everyone on your timeline to know that you are an expert Googler and can find quotes from anchient times that apply to current state of our society. Here’s the thing, we don’t give a sh*t.

    The People Who Take Themselves Wayyy To Seriously

    sam jackson gif

    Dude, listen, it’s just Facebook!

    The People Who Post Sexual Memes

    tina fey gif

    It’s the middle of the day and the last thing we want to see is someone performing cunnilingus on the dinner table. Like seriously, save sex for the bedroom. What is the point of sex memes anyway? To inform your followers how good you are in bed? Or subiminaly invite them to a love-making session? Either way, hit their DM.

    The People Who Calculate Their Followers


    Blank stare. If you have an app that tells you how many people stopped following you, you should probably look in the mirror and realize you suck or post too many selfies or inspirational quotes. Therefore, stop getting upset over people who hit the unlike button. We don’t like it.

    The People Who Take Selfies All The Time

    iyanla gif

    Do you not know any other angles? You’re not even that cute.

    The People Who Get Mad When They Say Good Morning & No One Says It Back

    middle finger gif

    Then stop f*cking saying “Good Morning.”

    The People Who Model, Sing Along To Music On InstaVideos


    WHY? Do you think you’re remaking a music video? Or is that you really wanted to use your InstaVideo but had no idea what to do? Listen, they have a special place in h*ll for vain people like you!

    The People Who Want You To Listen To Their Music


    Did you make that song in your garage on Garage Band?

    The People Who Take #TBT Too Far


    You peaked in high school. Stop.

    The Bathroom Models On Instagram

    bitch please gif

    Instagram is not a modeling agency.

    The Overbearing Naturalistas

    eva marcille gif

    Must we really be subjected to your twist out, length-stretching, perm bashing posts any longer?

    The People Who Can’t Stop Talking About Their Engagement

    sam jack

    Woo hoo.

    The People Who Take Screenshots Of Multiple Likes Of One Follower The Give A Shoutout

    dont care gif

    And in other we don’t give a rat’s a** news…

    The People Who Have A Lyric For Ever Photo Caption


    You’re so clever. Not.

    Enjoy some Instagram THIRST below:

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