Kanye West Headed Back To Court Over Photographer Assault

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    kanye-west-bbc-resizedJust when Kanye West thought he was done dealing with the fallout from his assault on a photographer at the airport LAX, the photographer pulls another trick from his sleeve. The photographer is about to slap Kanhye West with a civil lawsuit and things could get pretty ugly.

    Photographer Daniel Ramos is highly upset that Kanye was allowed to get off with probation, anger management classes, and community service. Ramos wanted to see West in prison because he felt the attack was so brutal and uncalled for. Now, Ramos is in the process of filing a civil suit agains the rapper.



    In most cases like this, the victim of an incident involving a celebrity will file a civil lawsuit, but will settle before the case gets in front of a judge. However, Daniel Ramos isn’t interested in settling the case. He wants to se West behind bars so bad that he says he won’t settle for any amount of money.

    Ramos acquired famed attorney Gloria Allred to lead his legal team. Allred has hit the ground running. She’s already sent Kanye West a notice requesting him to appear for a deposition. If Kanye gets deposed, we hope it’s as good as Lil Wayne and Justion Bieber’s deposition videos because Kanye’s cup runneth over with passion and fervor so one wrong question and it could be “World War Z” in that court room.



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