BY THE NUMBERS: When Gabrielle Union Was A Klingon

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    Gabrielle Union has been in tons of movies and television roles over her lengthy career. But acting is if it was all good when she sat through hours of makeup to play an alien soldier was definitely a performance worthy of an Emmy.


    The season number of Star Trek: Deep Space 9 in which Gabrielle played a female Klingon warrior named N’Garen in the episode titled “Sons And Daughters”.



    The number of acting credits Gabrielle has accumulated since her career began in 1993.

    gabrielle union blink


    The amount of carats in the diamond ring Dwayne Wade proposed to her with.



    The number of people that like the picture of Dwyane Wade

    gabrille union choir robe


    The number of viewers Gabrielle Union’s new show Being Mary Jane premiered to on B.E.T. Thanks to exchanges like this…

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