Black Twitter Shows Off All #DangerousBlackKids America Should Fear

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    Jordan Davis would have turned 19 on Sunday.

    The black teen was shot and killed in 2012 while sitting in a car with his friends outside a Jacksonville, Florida convenience store, listening to music.

    That music was too loud for Michael Dunn. Following an argument over the volume, the 45-year-old man fired his gun into the carful of teenagers, killing Davis. Dunn told his fiancee the teens were playing “thug music.”

    On the eve of Davis’ birthday, a mistrial was declared on the first-degree murder charge. The jury found Dunn guilty of attempted second-degree murder and a count of firing into an occupied car.

    In response to the verdict, the hashtag #dangerousblackkids emerged on Twitter, with participants questioning a society where unarmed black kids are often interpreted as threats.

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