The Golden Globes Most Gif-able Moments

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    golden-globes-fashion-trendsThe Golden Globes are the only awards show on television that allows attendees, presenters and winners to indulge or overindulge on booze during the ceremony. That often leads to a lot of fun and a lot of moments from our favorite stars that you wouldn’t see elsewhere.

    Here are a few of the night’s gif-able highlights from the 2014 Golden Globes.

    Elizabeth Moss flipped off the Mani Cam.
    tv show gifs

    Lena Dunham gave us the best facial reaction of the night.
    tv show gifs

    Jennifer Lawrence dropped a very expensive bracelet and then recovered like a champion.
    tv show gifs

    Emma Thompson taught us what’s really important — martinis and bare feet.
    tv show gifs

    Julia Louis-Dreyfus ate a massive hotdog, because she’s a lady.
    tv show gifs

    And Amy Poehler got a soothing mid-show massage from Bono …
    tv show gifs

    Which she thanked him for with a make out session.
    tv show gifs

    All GIFs by Sam Wilkes.

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