Daily Archive: November 8, 2013


    Magic Johnson About to Launch ‘So Many Other Businesses’

    Beyond basketball, Magic Johnson has built an empire for himself that continues to grow. From movie theaters and restaurants to health products and luxury cars, Johnson’s enterprises wouldn’t be around if it weren’t for his incredible work ethic. He talked with Roland Martin recently, an explained how he made it from basketball legend to business …


    We Can Inspire Youth to Fulfill Their Potential With Other Youth

    Today’s youth often live in the moment, not giving thought to what the long term future holds. But by seeing other young people making a difference, maybe they can be inspired to demand change now. One of the beauties of youth is the naïve carelessness that allows young people not to think about risks, the future, or how their actions impact the …


    Strongest Typhoon of the Year Slams Philippines

    (AP) — One of the most powerful typhoons ever recorded slammed into the Philippines Friday, cutting communications and blocking roads in the center of the country amid worries of serious damage and casualties. Telephone lines appeared down as it was difficult to get through to the landfall site 650 kilometers (405 miles) …