Trick Or Treat: How To Dress Like A Meme For Halloween

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    7) Miley Cyrus Twerking On Robin Thick at VMAs’

    Miley Cyrus brought her twerking to the national stage during the 2013 VMAs and got Robin Thicke caught up in the maelstrom of chick butt gyrations.

    Robin Thicke Performs With Miley Cyrus At VMAs

    Like anything the former Disney star does these days, the moment was immortalized in a variety of malicious memes with Robin Thicke getting caught in the crossfire.


    This a tag team/ couples outfit so for the guy…

    1) One striped suit from the “Beetle Juice” collection or Footlockers Formal section

    2) Some f*cks not to give to anyone.

    For the girl (or a guy feeling particular comfortable in his womanhood)…

    1) One uncooked chicken tied to their ass

    2) baggie ties to clip your hair into two  Vera de Milo pigtails

    3) An entire bag full of f*cks not to give…

    4) To save time you can just go with whoever is dressing as the Miguel Meme and grind on them before they jump.


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