Trick Or Treat: How To Dress Like A Meme For Halloween

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    The Internet has changed everything we do from talking on the phone to how we watch TV. And since popular images are always great Halloween costume fodder the web has also given us a bunch of different options for what to show up to the party as.

    Well we at TheUrbanDaily decided to help you guys out with some tips on how to wow at the Halloween ball as your favorite memes.

    1) Jay Z’s Diving Struggle

    Blue Ivy’s dad was minding his own business taking a dip off the coast of Spain and the paps caught his dive into the ocean.

    Jay Z Diving

    Before he could dry off there were a dozen memes of his awkward form that was definitely made in America.


    So if you’re in a warm climate and want to dress as Hov for Halloween without breaking your bank for Tom Ford, here is your check list:

    1) 1 Pair Of Blue Swimming Trunks

    2) The Complete Absence Of A Gym

    3) Bowl Of Beans For Gas-Pained Facial Expression

    4) 1 Flawless Woman to Increase Awkwardness

    5) 1 Bank Account Big Enough for none of this to matter

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