Daily Archive: October 22, 2013


    Racist 21st Birthday Party Pictures Go Viral

    What better way for a young, privileged White woman to ring in her 21st birthday than with a racist party full of stereotypical, ignorant depictions of Africa, white men in Blackface, and jovial Klansmen? That’s exactly what a young Australian woman did, but when she posted the pictures on social media, she didn’t quite get the expected response. Aft …


    President Obama Catches Fainting Pregnant Woman During Speech [VIDEO]

    While speaking on the cyber issues plaguing Healthcare.gov at the White House earlier this afternoon, President Barack Obama paused in the middle of his remarks to catch a pregnant woman who was close to passing out, reports Slate.com. “This happens when I talk too long,” Obama joked from the Rose Garden as people applauded. Karmel Allison was …


    HealthCare.gov: What works and what doesn’t

    Washington (CNN) — The government-run health insurance exchanges have been open for business for 20 days. But a host of issues have plagued the highly anticipated launch, making it difficult for both consumers and insurance providers.”There’s no sugarcoating it,” President Barack Obama said from the Rose Garden on Monday. “The problem has been…