Daily Archive: October 4, 2013


    Instagram: Now With Ads

    (CNNMoney) — After hinting at an ad-supported future last month, Instagram took its first steps on Thursday to make that plan a bit more concrete.…


    NY SUV Driver’s Wife: We Were in ‘Grave Danger’

    The driver of an SUV involved in a bloody weekend confrontation with a throng of motorcyclists was put in grave danger and feared for the life of his family when he drove through the crowd, striking a biker on the street, his wife said Thursday. WATCH VIDEO OF ATTACK HERE Rosalyn Ng said in a statement that she and her husband, Alexian …


    Police Shoot, Kill Driver After Capitol Hill Chase

    (AP) — A woman with a 1-year-old girl led Secret Service and police on a harrowing car chase from the White House past the Capitol Thursday, attempting to penetrate the security barriers at both national landmarks before she was shot to death, police said. The child survived. “I’m pretty confident this was not an accident,” said Metro …