Daily Archive: September 25, 2013


    Black Chamber Demands Economic Justice

    Amid the hustle and bustle of a downtown Detroit in transformation, African-American business owners, along with other minority-owned companies, stood in harmony at a recent press conference to make a compelling case for inclusion in the city’s expanding economic rebirth.Organized by the Michigan Black Chamber of Commerce (MBCC), the press…


    Honest Government Is Better Detroit

    Innovative good governance summit to address public trust, private sector role Detroit, there is an urgent need for an open, transparent and an integrity driven government at city hall, especially at a time when Detroit, come November, will be seeking political leadership in a new mayor and new city council by districts.Truth be told, Detroit has…


    ‘We Earned Our Pensions’

    Gail Turner (left) and Brenda Goss Andrews have both given decades of service to the city of Detroit. – Andre Smith photosRoughly 25,000 retirees stand to lose their pensions and health care in a city that is in bankruptcy now, trying to decipher its future in bankruptcy court.That is the message leaders of the Retired Detroit Police Members…