Daily Archive: September 9, 2013


    Black Waitress Gets ‘None N*gger’ On Tip Line Of Receipt

    Toni Christina Jenkins was working an afternoon shift on Saturday at the Red Lobster restaurant in Franklin, Tenn., where she says a Caucasian couple racially insulted her. After receiving their bill of nearly $45, they allegedly scribbled, “None Ni**er” in the tip section of the bill instead of leaving a customary gratuity, according to …


    Chad Johnson Lands a J-O-B With CBSSports

    Former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson, who was drop-kicked out of the league over a domestic violence episode involving his former wife and “Basketball Wives” reality star Evelyn Lozada, is now gainfully employed again as a CBS fantasy football analyst, according to TMZ. Johnson, who was married to Lozada for a little over a month, …


    Ben Jealous, President of NAACP, to Step Down in January

    In a surprise move, NAACP President Benjamin Jealous, 40, has announced that he is stepping down from the position in January, 2014, reports USA Today. “Leadership knows when to step up and when to step down,” Jealous said. “This day I can say with pride that I’m prepared to step down and make room for the next person who will lead this organiz …