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    The New White Negro

    Editor’s Note: This is article VIII of 11-part series on race in America – past and present, sponsored by the Kellogg Foundation. In 1965, Daniel…

    Makeda Pennycooke

    Why Did Pastor Makeda Have a Problem With Appearing ‘Too Black’?

    By now you’ve heard of Pastor Makeda Pennycooke who made national headlines, after sending an e-mail to parishioners that “only White people” should greet visitors at the 9:00 a.m. service at Freedom House Church. Why? Presumably because colored people wouldn’t be greeting visitors until 9:15 a.m. at the earliest. …

    bill clinton affordable care act

    Former President Clinton Explains, Defends Affordable Care Act

    With the Affordable Care Act, also widely known as Obamacare, just under a month away from implementation, the Obama administration has taken measures to simplify the complexities of the health care law. Employing former President Bill Clinton in his unofficial role of “Secretary Of Explaining Stuff,” the finer points of the Act were broken down with th …