Daily Archive: September 5, 2013


    15-Year-Old Jaylen Bledsoe Builds IT Company Now Worth $3.5 Million

    How many people can say they earned their first million before being old enough to drive? Jaylen Bledsoe, 15, of Gazelwood, Mo., is among the lucky few. The high school sophomore founded his own tech company, which specializes in web design and other IT services, Bledsoe Technologies, at the ripe age of 13 years old. In just over two years the tech …


    Cory Booker Struggles With Newark Crime Wave Amidst Campaign

    (AP) — Mayor Cory Booker, with six weeks left in his campaign for a U.S. Senate seat, is grappling with a surge in violence that has left nine people dead in his city in as many days. Booker, a second-term mayor and rising star in the Democratic Party, announced Wednesday the city will extend a summer deployment of increased police …