Daily Archive: August 9, 2013


    Switzerland Apologiezes For Store Clerk Who Refuses to Show Oprah Handbag

    Media mogul extraordinaire Oprah Winfrey said a shopkeeper in a Zürich, Switzerland store told her a handbag she was interested in was way too pricey for her. Winfrey told “Entertainment Tonight” the incident took place when she was in Zürich last month to attend the wedding of longtime pal and songstress, Tina Turner. The TV titan …


    How Deep is Corruption?

    I have seen examples of corruption throughout my life.  Some are pretty much like the Coca-Cola driver peddling hot drinks throughout my old neighborhood.  How…


    Voter Suppression Alleged in Close Florida Election

    (AP) — A small Florida Panhandle town best known for its annual Worm Grunting Festival is at the center of an investigation into charges the white city clerk suppressed the black vote in an election where the black mayor lost by a single vote and a black city commissioner was also ousted. Both losing candidates and three black …