Daily Archive: August 6, 2013

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    Spike Lee Goes H.A.M. On Bloomberg TV Host

    When a Bloomberg television host opened her segment with Spike Lee on his Kickstarter campaign, saying that the famed directed was under fire over his financing approach, he didn’t take it too well. Trish Regan of “Street Smart” started off the segment by saying, “Do the right thing. That’s what many are saying to Spike Lee as they call on the fam …


    Keyboard Legend George Duke Dies at Age 67

    Keyboardist, arranger, composer, and producer George Duke wants to give people something to think about and ponder when they listen to his music. “The closest thing the Creator gives us to be God-like is the ability to write a song,” Duke said from his California home. “There is a pool of audio soup and we dip our fingers into it.” …