Daily Archive: July 18, 2013


    The Future of Black Newspapers

    If you are like most Americans, you get most of your news now online. Yet it was not so long ago that printed newspapers were the dominant daily medium to which most of our citizens turned for news, engagement and entertainment. Black newspapers in particular played a key role in …


    Young Black Men: Your Life Matters!

    In the wake of the George Zimmerman trial verdict, the #YourLifeMatters campaign was created with young Black men in mind. We need to communicate to them that their lives are valuable and that they have the right to live, love, walk and be free. Initiated by a series of video affirmations, #YourLifeMatters will join together politicians, …


    Bill Cosby: You Can’t Prove George Zimmerman Is Racist [Video]

    While Bill Cosby is quick to criticize Black people at any given opportunity, without the slightest bit of provocation, he refused to call killer George Zimmerman racist in an interview on DomNnate Radio Show, reports the Orlando Sentinel. “This racial stuff goes into a whole bunch of discussion which has stuff that you can’t prove,” Cosby said in an interview Tuesday. “You can’t prove somebody is a racist unless they really come out and do the act and is found to be that.” …