Daily Archive: July 17, 2013


    Fantasia: The Truimps And Travails

    In 2004, Fantasia sang a song on “American Idol” that riveted viewers to the screen, touched hearts and brought tears.Ironically, Fantasia said she had never heard “Summertime” before, yet she sang the classic George Gershwin composition, that she somehow felt a connection to, with a passion that was stunning.The performance was so outstanding…


    Tom Joyner Talks to ‘Piers Morgan Live’ About Rachel Jeantel Scholarship Offer [Video]

    Tom Joyner appeared on CNN last night to speak with evening talk show host Piers Morgan about offering Rachel Jeantel a full ride scholarship to any HBCU, Rush Limbaugh using the N-word and more. In case you missed it, the DJ offered Rachel Jeantel, the friend of Trayvon Martin who took the stand as a key witness in the trial of George Zimmerman, a full scholarship to the HBCU of her choice.


    Dead Baby Laid On Chapel Altar Comes Back To Life – Report

    A baby girl who was pronounced dead just after birth and carried into the hospital chapel by a nurse who was too sad to send her to the morgue, made what could be called a most miraculous recovery — she “came back to life,” witnesses said. A nurse had put the body of baby Yasmin Gome, born in Brazil, in a small box and left it on the altar in the chapel, The Sun reported. The baby’s grandmother and a mortician came to retrieve the body about three hours later, but they got the shock of their lives when the baby suddenly kicked her leg and opened her eyes, The Sun said.