MARTA Planning to Put Officers on Every Train


MARTA will begin placing officers on all of its trains effective immediately, according to the new CEO.

MARTA Police Chief Wanda Dunham sent out a memo which detailing the new policies that will be put into effect for the public transit company.

Dunham said that the changes have not received a welcoming response from officers, particularly MARTA’s new chief administrative officer says, because it instructs police to focus primarily on customer service as opposed to enforcing the law.

“Officers think that we are going to take their police powers away and we want them to sing Kumbaya with the customers,” Dunham said.

Dunham said that is not the case, but she wants the officers’ presence to be known for the assistance and safety of customers.

A number of MARTA riders have complained about being approached by panhandlers when riding the train system. Effective immediately, police officers will be patrolling every train looking for panhandlers.

“(I see panhandlers a lot), they are very prevalent,” rider Dennis Webb told WSB.

At the end of the memo, Dunham said that while MARTA does not plan to outsource, they are looking for ways to improve effectiveness. She said now is the time to prove that MARTA can be beneficial for its customers.


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