You’ll Never Believe Who President Obama Went To Prom With…Hint: It’s Not Michelle (PHOTOS)

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    So TIME Magazine released these never-before-seen photos of our president, Barack Obama, on his way to his high school prom.

    And we just couldn’t help noticing the babe on his left with the baby blue dress on. Yep, that’s his date, Megan Hughes, all dolled up and gracing this dapper don’s arm.

    MEGAN HUGHES! He went to prom with a girl named MEGAN HUGHES!

    While it’s always exciting to see what life was like back in Hawaii, we have no clue who Megan is…so sorry for hyping it up like that. She seems like a nice girl though…

    But it looks like Barry might have been feeling Kelli Allman in her peachy dress and shelled necklace. And looks like Greg Orme (far left), didn’t have a clue. Ok, ok…we kid again.

    No, seriously though, something else that must be noted in these photos? That impeccable ‘fro Barry is rockin’. And that white dinner jacket. If this were the ’70s, I’d totally be swooning.

    You’re the best Barry…simply the best.

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