Daily Archive: February 8, 2013

    Full Text of Christopher Dorner’s Manifesto

    Below is the full text of suspected gunman Christopher Dorner. Dorner is a former LAPD officer and US Navy reservist who is believed to have killed three people and injured three others. Dorner’s manifesto included names of officers as well as their family members. Those names have been removed. From: Christopher Jordan Dorner /7648

    Rihanna and Chris Brown, Is it really love

    In a recent interview, the omnipresent Rihanna once again made it clear that she still loves the hot-tempered Chris Brown, despite being badly roughed up by him a few years ago.“He’s not the monster everyone thinks he is,” she said. “He’s a good person. He has a fantastic heart. He’s fun to be around. He made a mistake and he’s paid his dues. It ma…

    Marvin Gaye Remembered

    One sure sign that a recording star is an icon is that their work is beyond time restrictions. The music, like the overall impact of the artist, is forever.So it is with Marvin Gaye, a giant among giants, and one of the most important artists in the history of music and certainly of Motown.But he was also a “trouble man” and a “stubborn kind of fel…


    Jazz Legend Donald Byrd Dead At 80

    Influential jazz icon Donald Byrd died Monday at the age of 80. The trumpeter’s passing was confirmed by his nephew, Alex Bugnon, and the cause of death is undisclosed, reports U.K.’s The Guardian. Reportedly, Byrd’s family had been trying to keep the entertainer’s death private, but Bug …