Daily Archive: February 6, 2013


    Conservative Writer Wants Beyoncé To ‘Put A Dress On’

    I have a theory about people who dislike Beyoncé: Basically, they’re tragically flawed individuals that you should probably stay far, far away from. Like, how do you hate Beyoncé? Who hurt you? But alas, everyone makes mistakes though some certainly take their disdain (and their …


    Toni Braxton’s Son To Make Acting Debut

    Toni Braxton’s autistic son (pictured) makes his acting debut in her new Lifetime movie, “Twist of Faith,” and could have had a bigger role, but the singer didn’t want to put too much pressure on him. “He was supposed to play my son initially but by the time we worked o …


    Congress Considers Limiting Obama Administration’s Drone War

    (AP) — Uncomfortable with the Obama administration’s use of deadly drones, a growing number in Congress is looking to limit America’s authority to kill suspected terrorists, even US citizens. The Democratic-led outcry was emboldened by the revelation in a newly surfaced Justice Department memo that shows drones ca …