Thursday House Party at Harlem Nights Offers a Laid Back Reprieve

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    Harlem Nights is usually packed to the gills and beating down the block on Courtland St. Thursday night was poppin, but the focus was on the music. Good music. There was space to breathe and no one crowding the bar with the very cute Eritrean bartender.

    It was a laid back evening as Bobby Quest played some hits, some throwbacks and some jams that hadn’t hit the eardrums in at least half a decade.

    Anyone in the A who’s sick of hearing the same five songs on the radio and wants to hear some of that real ish they talk about in the barbershop, needs to know about House Party Thursdays at Harlem Nights.

    They bill the night as “Harlem Nights Ultra Lounge brings back old school Hip Hop, Neo Soul and House Music.” But there’s a definite focus on keeping heads nodding. They also offer some drink and food specials all night. Ladies get free entry and there’s free parking until 12:00, which is always a good thing.

    Plus on Thursday nights folks can actually find street parking, so that money that would’ve gone to the valet for parking your car can instead go toward buying a couple drinks at the bar.

    ATLANTA, GA 30024
    P: 678.927.9267
    F: 678.927.9268

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