Daily Archive: January 3, 2013


    Protect Your Assets in Case of a Lawsuit

    Litigation is America’s fastest growing business because plaintiffs have everything to gain and nothing but a few hours’ time to lose, says Hillel Presser, author of “Financial Self-Defense.” “Even if a case seems utterly ridiculous — like the man who struck and killed a teenager with his luxury car and then sued the boy’s family for damage to his bumper — defendants are encouraged to settle. It’s sometimes the only way to avoid potentially astronomical legal fees,” he says. If you haven’t already taken steps to protect your assets, that’s one New Year’s resolution you’ll be glad you made and followed up on, Presser says. And while it helps to have the assistance of a lawyer who specializes in asset protection, there are many things you can do yourself.


    Orrin Hudson Takes Lessons in Life and Chess to Manila

    Orrin C. Hudson, an international chess champion and motivational speaker, recently traveled more than 10,000 miles to the capital city of Manila in the Philippines to do what he does best — teach children (and adults) how to “make the right moves” in the game of chess and in life. Hudson, who has been featured on CNN, “Good Morning America,” and People Magazine, has an award-winning leadership chess program for children and parents. His non-profit organization, Be Someone Inc., based in Atlanta, has the goal of helping 1 million young people worldwide. To accomplish this, he travels the globe teaching children to value KASH — Knowledge, Attitude, Skills and Habits.

    Race Card Project-michele-norris

    Michele Norris’ Race Card Project Creates New Type of Conversation

    She asked for just six words. Michele Norris, the National Public Radio host, was starting a book tour for her memoir, which explored racial secrets. Sensing a change in the atmosphere after the election of the first Black president, and searching for a new way to engage and listen, Norris printed 200 postcards asking people to express their thoughts on race in six words. The first cards that trickled into her mailbox were from Norris’ friends and acquaintances. Then they started coming from strangers, from people who had not heard Norris speak, from other continents. The tour stopped; the cards did not:


    Service for Lillian Miles Lewis Announced

    Funeral services for Mrs. Lillian Miles Lewis, wife of Georgia 5th District Rep. and civil rights pioneer John Lewis, will be held at 11:00 a.m. on Monday January 7, at Ebenezer Baptist Church, 407 Auburn Avenue, Atlanta, 30312.Rep. Lewis and his wife were married in the church in 1968.


    Homeaid Atlanta and Fuqua Hall Renovate Kitchen Serving Homeless Men

    HomeAid Atlanta has partnered with Atlanta Mission’s Fuqua Hall to renovate the kitchen at their home serving homeless men on their way to independent living. Fuqua Hall offers affordable, transitional housing for men who have completed Atlanta Mission Shelter or Recovery Programs. HomeAid builds and maintains what they call dignified housing for transitionally homeless. In February 2012, Ivan Rouse, Atlanta Mission’s Manager of Volunteer Services, contacted HomeAid to inquire about partnering with Atlanta Mission for the kitchen renovation. This is the second project the two groups have partnered together to complete. In 2004, HomeAid Atlanta and Builder Captain John Wieland Homes & Neighborhoods built Atlanta Mission’s Second Mile Home in College Park, an 11-unit, 48-bed home for homeless women and children.


    National Geographic’s ‘Wild Wives of Africa’: Racist or Creative?

    As I was flipping through the television channels during the holidays, a rare occurrence to be sure, I barely spared a glance for “White Christmas” or “Erotic Elves: HoHoHos” (I kid you not), but when I happened across National Geographic’s ‘Wild Wives of Africa,‘ the world tilted slightly on it’s axis. It is what Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry so …