Daily Archive: December 18, 2012


    Bank Robbers Escape High-Rise Chicago Prison Using Makeshift Rope

    (AP) — Two bank robbers pulled off a daring escape from downtown Chicago’s high-rise jail Tuesday by apparently scaling down about 20 stories using a makeshift rope tied to the bars in a cell window. Police helicopters and canine units swarmed the area, but not until more than three hours after Joseph “Jose” Banks and Kenneth Conley went una …


    New Black Senator Brings Same White Conservative Ideology

    In theory, I should be happy that a Black man is going to the Senate. Even if it is a tiny, tiny sprinkle of color, it is undoubtedly needed in the sea of Whiteness that makes up the U.S. Senate. Enter South Carolina’s Rep. Tim Scott (pictured) who was recently appointed to replace Jim DeMint as one of the state’s two representatives. Scott will b …