Daily Archive: December 3, 2012


    LeBron James Named ‘Sportsman Of the Year’

    When LeBron James learned he was Sports Illustrated‘s Sportsman of the Year, the Miami Heat star was surprised. Not because he thought his achievements in 2012 weren’t worthy, but because he figured what happened in 2010 was still holding him back. Apparently, that’s no longer the case. The magazine announced its annual choice M …


    From Shirley Chisholm To Susan Rice, Have Women Broken Glass Ceiling Yet?

    In 1968, a woman by the name of Shirley Chisholm became the first African-American female to serve in the U.S. Congress. And a few years later, Chisholm broke ground again when she ran for President. Fast forward to the 2012 election, and women made historic gains in the Senate – they now hold 20 seats. But is that enough to say we made true cha …