Daily Archive: November 24, 2012

    Mike Tyson is taking on a different kind of fight

    Mike Tyson Launches Tyson Cares Children’s Foundation

    Former world heavyweight boxing champ Mike Tyson has traveled quite a road from fighter, spousal abuser and convicted rapist, to ear biter, pigeon lover, actor and now, children’s philanthropist. And to prove it, Tyson has launched his very own charity, aptly named, ‘Mike Tyson Cares Foundation.’ …

    sharpton obama

    Let Us Build: Will Obama’s Black Supporters Demand More?

    (AP) — When black voters gave President Barack Obama 93 percent support on Election Day in defiance of predictions that they might sit it out this year, black leaders breathed a collective sigh of relief. That encouraged those leaders to try to leverage more attention from both Obama and Congress. Although they waver over how much to …


    US Sends 3000 Troops To Africa To Protect American Oil Interests

    The United States military presence in African continues to grow with 3,000 troops reportedly heading to the continent at the top of 2013 to protect the nation’s expanding interests, reports the Centre For Research On Globalization. Mark P. Francher writes: Army Times news service reported that the U.S. is expected to deploy more than 3,000 soldiers …