Bronner Brothers Showcases ‘Art of Fabulous Hair’ Competition

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    On the first leg of its three-city tour, Bronner Bros. kicked off its Clairol Professional “Art of Fabulous Hair” competition on Sunday, July 17 at the Bill Lowe Art Gallery in Atlanta. The show featured hair colors from Clairol Liquidcolor, Beautiful and Jazzing collections.

    Newcomer to Bronner Bros. hair competitions Terrica Jones took top honors,  beating out nearly a dozen other stylists in her first-ever Brother Bros. hair battle. The purple, reddish-orange–colored hair and razor-sharp cut captured the judges and audience’s attention.  “I did a blue mullet cut with a disconnect,” said Jones of her winning style. She received her cosmetology license in 1998 and says she doesn’t own a salon, but hopes to open one by the end of the year. “She was really able to explain what she did [with the color and style],” said attendee and stylist Belinda K. Baker of Salon BKB. “She was outstanding.”

    Dwight Eubanks of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” along with Brittanica Stewart of Bronner Brothers, co-hosted the affair, which included appearances by celebrity stylists Kiyah Wright and James Harris.

    Bronner Bros.’ affinity with Clairol extends through four decades. “Clairol has been a partner with Bronner Brothers for over 40 years, said Bronner Bros. Vice President Gerald Render. “This whole event is to sort of resurrect the passion of the beauty industry. Here we were taking the talent that hair stylists deliver everyday to consumers and showcasing how special that talent is, a way where they’re transforming looks – you see the pictures – to what you see as the finished product. It is truly a gift to be able to do that.”

    Bronner Bros., which also owns Upscale Magazine, will take the show to Chicago and New York, and then comes back to Atlanta for a finale.

    Stewart, who is also a hair stylist, shared her perspective about hair coloring and the partnership with Clairol. “Many, many women are going back to natural hair, be it for medical reasons, or the fact that their hair is graying, or just for a more exciting look. So the concept of Clairol connecting is a wonderful concept – the fact that they have such a varied collection colors. Their color intensity is absolutely incredible. It allows you to maintain the integrity of the hair also, which has tended to be a problem with coloring women of color because we do so many things for our hair. Not only do we do things for our hair, it’s a lifestyle – we’re working out more, we have menopause – all of these things  make the hair very sensitive to hair color,” said Stewart. “So Clairol has worked very, very hard in association with the Black professional.

    Stewart also advises that home hair care is acceptable,  whereas, home hair coloring is not. “We’re bringing it back to the professional aspect. This is strictly professional hair color. We try to get women away from coloring their hair in the sink and watching it go down the drain. Why would you want to break something down when you can enhance it through proper care?” said Stewart.

    In addition to the tour, Bronner Bros. is working on an “Icon” awards show that will include the hair, makeup and fashion industries in February 2012.  The awards show will honor the “creators of style – people behind the scenes that make celebrities look the way they look,” said Render.

    Bronner Bros. also plans to host events with more of the vendors who participate in their shows.

    They are slated to launch a hair fitness show with United Heathcare to create workout-friendly hairstyles.

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